With your on-line account access, you can order supplies, enter copy counts, request service calls and get invoice copies.
For more detailed information about e-Automate, just click on the e-automate picture.
To sign up please email Cindy at cspess@brothersii.com.


The e-info service will provide our customers the ability to manage their equipment online. Through the webpage provided, you can accomplish a number of equipment management tasks. Your admin has the ability to limit access to certain areas of e-info, as well as give rights to be able to accomplish certain tasks. You can do any of the following:

  • Obtain pertinent account information
  • View service information
  • View equipment nformation
  • Place Service calls online
  • View meter information
  • Input meter readings
  • Place orders online
  • View order information
  • Manage user accounts online
  • Pay invoices online using a credit card

The e-info customer homepage that displays after you login, or after you have selected the location, is organized into tiles. e-info is organized into nine areas.

  • Equipment (click on this link to order supplies, place service calls and enter meters)
  • Search
  • Meters
  • Account summary
  • Sales orders
  • Service calls
  • Invoices
  • User settings

Each area of e-automate has its own tile on the homepage. You access all tasks from the area’s tile. If you do not have access to certain areas of e-info, that tile will display blank.

You can even print a label with QR (quick response) code for each piece of equipment and order online with your mobile phone! All you have to do is print the label, stick it on your machine, download a free QR code scanning app and then scan the QR code when you need to order supplies or place a service Call. The scan will take you right to your machine information. It’s that easy!

If you want to start using e-Automate while we are in our testing phase, just contact Cindy Spess at cspess@brothersii.com or call (631) 981-2900.