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Integrated Postal Scales

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There are many postal scales on the market but none can compete with the integrated system found in an FP scale.

With an integrated scale, all the guess work of calculation postage is eliminated.

All your calculations are reduced to selecting the type of package and type of delivery needed. Just place the package on the scale and instantly you’ll know the lowest postal cost needed for your delivery.

With integration, you can even have the postage automatically printed on your envelope or postage label. Automatic transfer makes it easy and reduces the chance of entering incorrect postage.

No more wasted postage…GO integrated with FP integrated postal scales.

Why purchase FP integrated scale?

FP has a proven track record...your operating cost will be less; no matter what level of equipment you need.

With a complete line of mailing systems and solutions, Brothers II
can provide you the best method of postal operations, at the best price.
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FP-5li (5lb scale)

Postal Scale:

Capacity: 0 to 5lbs. x 0.1oz

Dimensions: 8.25"W x 8.37"D x 2.5"H

The FP 5Li scale can be directly integrated into the FP postal meter or act as a stand alone scale.

FP...postal perfection at a perfect price.

5, 10, 15, 30 & 70 lb.

Postal Scale:

Flexi 5 capacity: 0 to 5lbs. x 0.1oz

Flexi10 capacity: 0 to 10lbs. x 0.1oz

Flexi15 capacity: 0 to 15lbs. x 0.1oz

Flexi30 capacity: 0 to 4lbs. x 0.1oz / 4-30lbs x 0.5oz

Flexi70 capacity: 0 to 4lbs. x 0.1oz / 4-37lbs x 0.5oz

The FP flexiScale series interfaces with any FP postage meter for total integration.

In addition, to what the FP-5Li can do, rates cover 1st Class Presrot, Package/Express 1st Class Automation (ALL), Standard Mail (B), Book, Unrestricted International, Library, UPS and FedEx.

Note: The 30lb and 70lb scales are larger than the standard size for the 5, 10 and 15lb scales.

FP...postal perfection at a perfect price.

10, 30 & 70 lb.

Postal Scale:

excelScale 10 cap: 0-1 lb. x 0.1oz / 1.1-10 lbs 0.2oz.

excelScale 30 cap: 0-1 lb. x 0.1oz / 1.1-30 lbs 0.2oz.

excelScale 70 cap: 0-1 lb. x 0.1oz / 1.1-70 lbs 0.2oz.

The FP excelScale series are a non rate-calculating scales designed to work specifically with FP mailOne Software.

With increased accuracy to within 0.2 oz. and mailOne software interface…lower mail costs is a done deal.

For information on mailOne, please see the section for Mailromm software under the Mailing tab.

FP...postal perfection at a perfect price.

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Postal Scale:

Capicity: .2oz. to 150 lbs.

Accuracy: 0.2oz from 0 to 4 lbs.

Accuracy: 0.5oz from 4 lbs. to 150 lbs.

Dim: 14.25"L x 13.5"W

The FP-150 handles heavy packages up to 150 pounds. Wide platform supports larger, awkward parcels.

Easy to read, backlit LCD display prevents blocking information

This scale will interface with all FP postage meters.

FP...postal perfection at a perfect price.

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