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Folding and Inserting by Hand

direct mail vs email

If you have a small to large size business and send out invoices and/or checks regularly, your lossing money each month.

We could do all the math based on the average salary of an assistant, spending only 30-40 minutes a day on folding and inserting. If we did, you'd see that it is cost effective to buy or lease the right equipment for your needs.

Manually inserting paper (invoices, brochures, etc.) into a massive amount of envelopes is a tedious, costly task. Folding/Inserting equipment can automate this process by providing an efficient and cost-effective way to prepare materials for mailing.

Why purchase FP mailing equipment?

Your operating cost will be less; no matter what level of equipment you need.
With a complete line of mailing systems and solutions, Brothers II can provide you the best method of postal operations, at the best price.
The following products are listed for your convenience; but there are no substitutes for asking a question.
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    FP 600
  • Desktop Paper Folder/Inserter:

  • Max speed: 22 inserts/min.

  • Max weight: 30 lb. coated & standard

  • Max folding: 5 sheets letter

  • While other tasks keep you busy, the pile of letters and invoices waiting to be mailed keeps pilling up. Feed, fold, insert and seal them in no time with the FPi-600 tabletop inserting system. Ideal for small offices, the FPi-600 processes 1,350 letters per hour.

  • The central control panel with a color touchscreen is intuitively simple to understand and use.

  • With 15 programmable jobs, the FPi-600 provides instant recall of the most frequently used folding and inserting tasks.

  • FP...postal perfection at a perfect price.

FP 2300
  • Folder/Inserter:

  • Max speed: 37 inserts/min.

  • Max folding: 5 sheets/letter*

  • Max weight: 62.5 lb

  • Folding/inserting equipment can automate a very time consuming part of your mailroom process by providing an efficient, cost-effective, and more professional way to prepare your mail package materials. Designed for small to moderate quantities of mail, the FPi-2300 series is fast, and extremely simple to use.

  • Up to three automatic feeder stations provide maximum versatility and capacity - they quickly and quietly perform a variety of applications, from daily miscellaneous mail to multi-part mass mailings.

  • Each model includes a manual feeder for handling daily mail. It enables the operator to feed up to 5 sheets of paper by hand and add an automatically-fed enclosure if desired.

  • FP...postal perfection at a perfect price.

FP 4500
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  • Folder/Inserter:

  • Max speed: 60 inserts/min.

  • Max size: 3.5x14"h, 5.5-9"w

  • Max weight: 62.5 lb

  • The ultra-compact folding/inserting system that swiftly handles mid-range mailing volumes.

  • Delegate your entire document mailing operation – business letters, single or multiple item mailings, invoices, account or wage and salary statements – to an efficient, high-performance machine. The FPi-4500 series solves your company’s mail handling needs professionally, reliably, and quickly. With the straightforward touch screen control panel, just select your settings and go. The FPi-4500 series can handle up to 3,600 letters/hour and is the optimal system for mailing up to 40,000 letters per month. It can easily add supplements like reply cards, flyers, or return envelopes. Crisp, clean folds put the finishing touches on documents, flyers, mailers, and brochures for insertion, mailing, or stand-alone pieces. Compact in size and quiet in operation, the FPi-4500 series fits into every office environment.

  • FP...postal perfection at a perfect price.

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FP 5600
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  • Folder/Inserter:

  • Max speed: 67 inserts/min.

  • Max size: 16.5"W, 72"D x 36.5"H

  • Max weight: 242 lb

  • The FPi-5600 inserting system can feed documents, fold them and insert them in an envelope and then seal it.

  • Delivers finished envelopes to a collecting bin that can be mounted to the left or the right of the machine, or to a downstream machine for further processing. A vertical stacker and a synchronized collecting conveyor are also available as optional equipment.

  • User-friendly operation with a color touch-screen. Just three buttons control basic functions (ON/OFF, Start, Stop). To save energy, the machine automatically switches to stand-by mode when not in use.

  • Documents can be fed from up to six stations, available in various configurations. Automatic and special stations, a high-capacity feeder, short feeder tray and maxi-feeder are also available.

  • Engineered for everyday operation and versatility: mixed daily mail function, multi-sheet function, double-feed detection, feeder-swap (for alternating operation), document recognition with Optical Marks Reading (OMR) with new contact image sensor (CIS), semi-automatic envelope adjustment, memory for programming job settings.

  • FP...postal perfection at a perfect price.

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FP 6600-2
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  • Folder/Inserter:

  • Max speed: 72 inserts/min.

  • Max size: 29.5"W x 59"D x 36.5"H

  • Max weight: 305 lb

  • The FPi 6600-2 inserting system offers the highest performance and a range of additional features and components optimally configured for processing larger quantities and more complex applications. The FPi 6600-2 can be set up according to the users individual needs to perform almost any mail processing task.

  • In its maximum configuration, 2 MaxiFeeders and the high-capacity document feeder, it is possible to load 3,125 sheets of paper. The optional high-capacity envelope hopper, which holds up to 1,000 envelopes, provides a constant supply of envelopes for any job.

  • The high-capacity vertical stacker and side exit comes as standard equipment. This configuration especially lends itself to the addition of an optional conveyor with a capacity of 1,000 finished envelopes.

  • The system can be equipped with a VersaFeeder™ for feeding thicker documents and BRE envelopes.

  • The 10.4” super bright color touchscreen guides the user with easy-to-understand, intuitive instructions and graphic symbols through all job processes.

  • FP...postal perfection at a perfect price.

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