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Digital Duplicator formerly known as a mimograph machine

letter opener

Digital duplicators are the God send for churchs, schools or any organization that needs to produce multiple copies at a tenth the price of a copy or print.

For 10 to 10,000 copies or reporductions, in one color or multiple colors, post card size to 12.7" x 18", nothing is more cost effective.

In addition, these machines are FAST. Starting at 80 sheets per minute, they can top out at 130 sheets per minute depending on the duplicator.

Some may consider a duplicator a luxury item, and that may be so if your job consisted of a couple hundred pieces once a month. For jobs larger than this, a duplicator makes good "cents" for each copy.

Why purchase a Standard Duplicator?

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Standard leads the field in duplicators.
There is no other more reliable or cost efficient duplicator than a Standard duplicator.

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Our duplicators are broken in three groups:
all in one, quick color change or 2 colors simultaneous duplicator

Note: a "pass" is how many times a piece of papar needs to go throught the machine.

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Digital Duplicator

  • Multi-color duplicator

  • (all in one duplicator)

Digital Duplicator

  • Multi-color drum duplicator

  • (all in one duplicator)

  • (quick color change duplicator)

Digital Duplicator

  • Dual drum / dual color
    Multi-color duplicator

  • (run two colors at the same time)

  • (quick color change duplicator)

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