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Addressing Envelopes

direct mail vs email

If you regularly mail checks, invoices or advertising materials you can save money by lowering overhead.

We could do all the math based on the average salary of an assistant, spending only 30-40 minutes a day addressing and labeling mail. If we did, you'd see that it is cost effective to buy or lease the right equipment for your needs.

Manually labeling (invoices, brochures, etc.) into a massive amount of envelopes is a tedious, costly task. Addressing or Imaging Printers can automate this process by providing an efficient and cost-effective way to prepare materials for mailing.

Why purchase FP imaging equipment?

FP has a proven track record, your operating cost will be less; no matter what level of equipment you need.

With a complete line of mailing systems and solutions, Brothers II
can provide you the best method of postal operations, at the best price.
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AJ-3600 / AJ-3800

Inkjet Address Printer:

Max speed: 36,000 pcs./hr.

Max Print Quality: up to 600 dpi

Max paper size: 15"L x 13.5"W

These inline vacuum printers handle 3" or 4" of print in one pass. The six-head FP AJ-3600 with 3-inch print area, and eight-head FP AJ-3800 with 4-inch print area, easily handle up to 3/8-inch thickness at up to 36,000 pieces per hour. Solid steel construction printers are available without feeder for use off-line with folder, inserters, and other mailing equipment, or with friction or vacuum shuttle feeder.

FP...postal perfection at a perfect price.


Inkjet Address Printer:

Max speed: 36,000 pcs./hr.

Max Print Quality: up to 600 dpi

Max paper Length: 3" to 15"

Max paper Width: 5" to 17"

The FP IB-9000 imager series offers either 6 or 8 heads of printing power, handling 20# bond up to 1-1/4" thickness and 3" or 4" of print area in one pass, at up to 36,000 pieces per hour. This compact modular printer can be easily installed on Kirk Rudy, Scitex, Buskro, Videojet, Prism, and similar bases. Accommodates after-market bulk ink systems for long runs.

FP...postal perfection at a perfect price.

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